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Job on Aztex Dairy in Dublin, TX. The state of Texas was adding a loop to Hwy 377 so traffic didn't have to go through the center of the town. The traffic was very congested so was time to construct the loop. This split the hay fields for the dairy in half with the irrigation system being cut. Pryde Construction did the work with K2 Plumbing to get the new pipes laid under the new road. Below are the photo's of that job.

Other projects
A project in the commercial industry between Stephenville & Hico, Texas at Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center. For the past few years we've been building the dorms, and out buildings. The main offices and lunch room were added and below are some of the photo's of the 7,000sq.ft. building. In the background the plywood is going on the lunch room.

The photo's on the left are of some of the dorms and the family building. The western look to the family building goes along with the Center as it is very rustic with all the livestock around. The framing of the main offices and lunch room was a job in itself. This building is 7,000sq.ft.
The first of the trusses are starting to go up.
It is impressive to watch trusses go on a building. The crane is used, as man power is not a good idea to get the trusses up there. The crew is on the frame to 'catch' each truss and put them in place. Each truss is braced and supported. Trusses are enginered and designed by Sweeney Lumber in Fort Worth, TX and each job is a costom fit for the roof system.



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