Sit back and watch this 3,000sq.ft. house take form. From the gound up, concrete pump and all. These first photo's are as the building site is being leveled so the pad can be formed. The grader moves the earth and the pad is lazor leveled for an even pad.  


After the pad is level the crew comes in to start the ditches for the footings and plumbing. An on site investigation is done for the slab. All our slabs are engineered and evaluated for soil type and drainage conditions. The plastic is under the rebar and on the soil so moisture can't get through. After the plumbing is roughed in and inspected we are ready to pour the concrete.
This is the pump truck, used on larger slabs and when trees are in the way of the pour, it's very impressive. Each truck backs up to the pump and the concrete goes in. The operator of the pump controls the pour. He can pour it on a dime. The crew handles the other end of the pump and directs it.
This is the plumbing for the shower stall, notice it is below the slab for drainage. The crew works the concrete to get it level.  




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